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Cody Demerais For Metis Youth President

Vote for Cody Demerais, Vote for Change

Cody Demerais is a 27-year-old Métis businessman, motivational speaker and author. He is committed to his culture, and to the opportunities that lie ahead for young people. Cody has launched his candidacy for Youth Council President within the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan.

As a successful, self-starting entrepreneur, Cody’s hard work and commitment to community have been recognized by multiple industry nominations and awards. He is regularly invited to speak and provide motivational support to youth audiences across Saskatchewan.

Like many Indigenous youth, Cody has had to overcome various life struggles. However, his rise to personal independence and career success has taught him that “if young people believe in themselves, life can be limitless.”

As a candidate, Cody has reached out to hundreds of Métis youth to understand their interests, concerns and vision for the future of our Métis Nation. As Youth President, Cody will work collaboratively with youth, government, industry and the non-profit sector to build better opportunities for Métis Youth in Saskatchewan.

When asked what drives him to run in this election,

“As Métis citizens, we no longer have to be Canada’s forgotten people. We are immersed in every fabric of society. The sooner we show our strengths, work ethic and determination, the sooner we will thrive as a Nation. Our first step in this process must be building the confidence, well-being and sufficiency of Métis youth—so that they can become effective leaders of tomorrow. I am prepared to help facilitate that outcome.”

Cody plans to advocate for the voices of youth to be heard in decisions affecting tomorrow. He can be reached at codydemz@hotmail.com or followed at #demeraisforleadership.

Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Youth citizen’s ages 16-29 will be able to vote for Cody Demerais.